discover the vibe of the city

VibN literally captures the pulse of the city in real-time using live audio tagging of places instead of using staid text apps and blogs. You can quickly checkout a place, hear live vibes and see the breakdown of the number of people there in terms of age, gender and single/not single.

VibN allows you to view the live and historical vibes of the city as well as your personal vibes created using the "Vibe it!" feature.

The application works in two modes. The "Vibe it!" feature allows the user to record a vibe at any point preserving the users voice in the vibe. The background feature periodically (on average every hour) records a vibe but removes any voice from the vibe before anonymously geo-tagging it - preserving privacy.

VibN puts live audio on the map for the first time!

VibN is available on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android phones.



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